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About Us

Pacific Treatment Alternatives becomes Sound Pathways

For more than 50 years, we have been dedicated to creating a safe and supportive place for our clients to become self-reliant, sober, and successful.

We know that our work is collaborative – we are successful when we work together as a community to support people in need. We are thankful to our community partners, our donors, and our clients for walking this path with us every day.


Sound Pathways (formerly Pacific Treatment Alternatives) is a force of hope and healing for at-risk families and individuals affected by alcohol or substance use disorders and mental health issues in Snohomish County. Each day, we honor, uplift, and guide our clients as they walk their individual paths toward recovery.


Sound Pathways’ values are at the very heart of our work. Every action we take on behalf of our clients and every interaction we have with our clients is grounded in these core values.

Shannon Smith, Interim Executive Director

A Letter from Our Interim Executive Director

To Our Clients and Community,

Every new year brings with it the promise of change. As we enter 2023, Sound Pathways is welcoming change as we continue to evolve to best serve our community.

After four years with Sound Pathways, I am honored to step into the role of Interim Executive Director. I have worked in almost every aspect of this organization from Parent Child Assistance Program (PCAP) Case Manager to Syringe Services Program Manager, and Amerigroup Program Manager…

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Our Team

Our team of experienced, compassionate professionals is dedicated to meeting clients where they are on their journey and supporting them as they work toward a healthy, successful life.

Shannon Smith

Interim Executive Director

Shannon believes that Sound Pathways role is to provide effective, seamless wraparound services without judgment. And to respect, honor and support each person’s path to recovery. Shannon leads with determination and compassion by tapping into her own lived experience with addiction as well as her decades of work in recovery services.

Vashti Quirós

Development Director

Vashti Quirós is a familiar face to the Snohomish County community having worked as the Executive Director of the Snohomish County Music Project. She knows the importance of supporting our vulnerable community members to ensure their civil rights and provide equitable access to inclusive, affirming, and safe experiences.

Maureen Hammer

Project Manager, Marketing and Grants

Maureen keeps Sound Pathways systems and processes running smoothly so that the organization can best serve its clients and its community.

Mo Lewis

Office Assistant

Mo’s desire to help people in need drew her to work for Sound Pathways. She grew up with “addiction all around her” and witnessed firsthand the lack of support for people facing substance abuse.

Staci Camlin

ESTEEM House Manager

Staci came to Sound Pathways as an employee after she graduated from the PCAP program. As a former client with a history of homelessness, substance abuse, and mental health issues, Staci personally understands the value of the organization.

Tammy Southward

Program Assistant

Tammy provides support and service to Sounds Pathways and its clients in many valuable ways. She joyfully provides childcare to clients’ children when they are attending workshops or at appointments with their Case Manager.

Kyra Ripley, SUDP

Amerigroup Program Manager

Whether working as a substance use disorder professional at Evergreen Recovery Center, on her medical missions in Kenya or through her small non-profit charity, Kyra has spent much of her professional life as a dignity builder in service to her community.

Lisa Leavitt

Amerigroup Case Manager

As a certified peer counselor and a recovery coach. Lisa brings hope, faith, and lived experience to her position at Sound Pathways.

Candice Martin

Amerigroup Case Manager

Candice is a certified peer counselor and pharmacy technician who brings her years of experience as someone who has experienced domestic violence, interacted with CPS, and now as professional counselor to Sound Pathways.

Debbie McBrayer

PCAP Clinical Supervisor

Debbie brings more than 20 years of experience working with children and families to every conversation she has with her clients. She works to create an open and trusting relationship with her clients and focuses on listening to what they need to be successful.

Toni Gardner

PCAP Clinical Coach

Through active and nonjudgmental listening, Toni learns about her client’s situation and needs. She then focuses on providing her clients with options so that they can make the right choice for themselves and their families.

Jen Hall

PCAP Case Manager

Jen brings her experience as a young, single mom who struggled with addiction and her expertise in mental health to every client engagement.

Jennifer Ross

PCAP Case Manager

As a dedicated foster parent and guardian of two siblings Jennifer brings a compassionate understanding of trauma, attachment and healing to her work at Sound Pathways.

Leslie Beckman

PCAP Case Manager

Leslie has worked with unhoused and substance abuse disorder clients in previous jobs, and it was there that she realized she had a desire and drive to help people overcome the obstacles often associated with those lifestyles.

Rose Lininger

PCAP Case Manager

Rose knows that consistently being present for clients through the good and not so good choices, through the wins and the ongoing struggles is everything. She knows because Rose has lived it from both sides of the table.

Deb Venable

PCAP Case Manager

As a case manager, Deb helps her clients remove barriers to support and personal growth and shows them how to navigate available systems so that they can be in charge of their own goals and their own futures.

Jasmine Jones

SSP Lead Community Outreach Specialist and Amerigroup Case Manager

Jasmine believes in meeting people where they are in their journey and showing them respect and understanding along the way.

Jessica Thornton

SSP Community Outreach Specialist and Amerigroup Case Manager

“No two people walk the same path, which makes our harm reduction approach so essential to the success of our clients.”

Joe Dugan

SSP Community Outreach Specialist

Joe was homeless for a decade before he found a new direction and changed his path. He has volunteered in outreach for more than a year and is excited to be stepping into a Sound Pathways outreach services role to support members of the community.

Matthew Bennett

SSP Community Outreach Specialist

“So many people showed me respect and compassion when I was on the streets, and throughout my recovery process. I want to give that same respect and compassion back to the community just as I received it.”

Our Board

The Sound Pathways Board is comprised of professionals dedicated to the mission of our organization. Forty percent of our members have similar life experiences to those of the clients we serve, giving the Board an exceptionally intimate understanding of our clients and our work.

Sandra Krager


Owner, Brand Impact
Vice President, Vunetrix

Tim Murphy

Vice President

President, CareerpathsNW

Cris Simmons


Evergreen Fire & Safety

Neil Weiss



Mike Wisler

Board Member

Firefighter, Everett Fire Department

Jim Workman

Board Member

Career Firefighter, Everett Fire Department

Judianne Krantz

Board Member

Nurse | Small Business Owner

Brittany Tri

Board Member


Donna Furchert

Board Member

Tribal Social Worker

……Until just recently, I had an active client case load. As I move into this new leadership role, I will take my years of frontline experience with me as a guide and also as a reminder of the tremendous work in action by the Sound Pathways team.

I found my professional home at Sound Pathways because of the colleagues I stand side by side with, the community who generously supports and collaborates with us, and the clients who energize me every day. I know in my very bones that Sound Pathways is a force of hope and healing for the people we serve.

Whether it’s the start of a new year or the middle of one, every day we recommit to create a safe and supportive place for our clients to become self-reliant, sober, and successful.

As the new year begins, substance misuse numbers continue to rise, and our clients continue to face mounting barriers to housing, healthcare and other critical resources. We know it can be exhausting and frustrating to find much needed services, so we are implementing three new approaches to set our clients up for success. To bolster our programs’ effectiveness, we are:

Cross training staff so that they can seamlessly assist our clients across multiple programs.

Ensuring clients connect with outside resources by offering rides to appointments and more thorough follow through, when appropriate.

Partnering with healthcare providers to bring them to clients wherever they may be living.

Our work in supporting at-risk families and individuals facing alcohol and substance use disorders is both practical and personal. My own lived experience with addiction has always guided me at Sound Pathways and will continue to do so in my new role. When I was using, I did not feel worthy of being healthy. But the moment that feeling of worthiness was instilled in me, my life path changed. I know that together, as an organization and a community, we can help others change their life paths.

It is my honor to lead this incredible organization and to continue to serve this vibrant community. I am grateful to walk with our clients on their paths to recovery.

With hope and joy for the new year,

Shannon Smith
Interim Executive Director