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Team Member

Sabrina Donovan

FCS Housing Case Manager

“I aim to utilize my personal experience to assist and encourage others on their journey.” Having been supported and aided in her own recovery, Sabrina brings a wealth of lived experience, commitment, and optimism to support others in similar situations. She acknowledges the daunting nature of the recovery process and hopes to offer support and guidance to those who may feel overwhelmed.

As a Peer Counselor, Recovery Coach and SSI/SSDI Outreach, Access, and Recovery (SOAR) Certified individual, Sabrina was drawn to Sound Pathways due to the services offered and the sense of community among its staff.

Her work is founded in creating connections, and she “believes that having someone who can accept us, provide support, and help each other thrive, regardless of where we may be, is crucial for our growth and success.”

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