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Team Member

Stacy Kaufman

PCAP Case Manager

“I do not judge my clients. I help them. I see people for who they are – not for the mistakes they may have made.”

Stacy meets each of her clients where they are on their path – no matter where that place might be. She provides a space where she can connect with clients and help them in the moment, free of judgement. Stacy brings her years of experience working with people with substance abuse disorders, her practical know-how and her wise counsel to every client engagement. Each day, she strives to make this community more vibrant and healthier.

“For me, the ability to give back to this community, to these families, is the heart of my job. It’s why I am here.”

Stacy received both her Bachelor of Applied Behavioral Science Degree and her Chemical Dependency Certificate from Seattle Central Community College.

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