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Team Member

Sarah Wheatcroft

PCAP Case Manager

“I believe that advocacy is an incredibly important value and I appreciate that Sounds Pathways also holds that value as an organization. So many people are unable to advocate for themselves. It’s our job to be here to support them.”

Since Sarah was young, she wanted to build a career helping others, working to make a difference in the world. Early on, Sarah was drawn to psychology and learning about how people think. Through this work she discovered a passion for helping women and children – so she knew this job would be a perfect fit.

“I love the idea of helping moms become stable and healthier. And in turn, seeing those same moms help their children live healthy, vibrant lives.”

Sarah holds a Bachelor of Science in Counseling/Clinical Psychology from Liberty University. She will soon begin her work toward a Master’s Degree in Forensic Psychology or Family Counseling.

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