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Team Member

Hannah Salyer

FCS Housing Case Manager

“At the heart of my being lies compassion, and it is my belief that every individual should receive dignity and respect.”

Hannah’s background as a certified peer counselor, Navy veteran, medical assistant in the Department of Corrections, and personal life journey, brings a wealth of education, skills, and lived experience to her role at Sound Pathways.

Having experienced her own journey of recovery, Hannah understands the immense challenges of overcoming obstacles and forging a new path in life. During her personal transformation, she received invaluable support from compassionate social workers who guided her through the early stages of sobriety and aided in rebuilding her life. Drawing from her firsthand experience of recovery and homelessness, Hannah was inspired to pursue social work as a means of assisting others in similar situations.

“The unwavering support and care I received from my social worker, encompassing compassion, empathy, respect, and advocacy, played an instrumental role in my journey. Without individuals like my dedicated embedded social worker, I would not have achieved the progress I have made today. Their impactful presence inspired me to devote myself to serving my community in a similar manner.”

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