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Team Member

Cristine Morgan

SSP Outreach

 “I have a history of trauma and drug use and am in recovery. Because of my personal journey, I have a better understanding of what my clients are experiencing. Because of my training, I know how to best support them.”

Cristine chose to join Sound Pathways in part because her work and personal values align tightly with those of the organization – advocacy, community, compassion, connection, honesty, love and respect. Of all these values, advocacy stands out like a bold neon light for Cristine. In her role, Cristine is a steadfast supporter of her client’s needs and of their growth.

“I want to be the spark for others. The light that shows people that the life they want is very possible.”

Cristine has earned three different certifications from the National Harm Reduction Coalition and is currently working toward her Certified Peer Counselor (CPC) certification.

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