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Team Member

Ally McGuire

Donor Relations Manager

“Mental health concerns, substance use disorders– they all carry negative stigmas when they shouldn’t. They should be treated like the medical conditions they are and supported as such.”

With a generational history of mental health and addiction disorders in her family, Ally deeply relates to Sound Pathways’ mission. She understands that it takes many voices to be heard and enact change within a community, so she puts her communication skills to use by advocating for financial and personal support on behalf of the organization. Her work helps Sound Pathways better serve its clients, and by extension, better heal the underserved communities of Snohomish County.

“I have always wanted to use my skills to assist an organization that supports and advocates for positive change within my community, specifically in the realm of women’s rights and mental health advocacy.”

Ally holds a BA in Strategic Communications, emphasis in public relations from Washington State University and a Minor in Hospitality Business Management. Her certifications include Pandemic Compliance Advisor for Meeting and Events Professionals, and Virtual Event and Meeting Management (VEMM)

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